Dreams Rekindled By Amanda Cabot

I had read the first book in this series and so enjoyed it.  It took me a bit to realize that this was book two.  It has romance, humor, suspense and danger all rolled into one! 

Dorothy Clark has decided to be a confirmed spinster.  After watching her mother’s emotional breakdown after the death of Dorothy’s Dad, she has decided no love is worth that.  She never wants to put her children through such trauma.  Her dream is to become a writer, but this is a hard road to travel for a woman in the 1850’s.  Brandon Holloway moves to Mesquite Springs with the goal of starting a newspaper.  All he has is his printing press and some heavy baggage from the past.  He is impressed by the serene spirit and harmony of the community.  Things quickly change when an outsider moves there with ulterior motives which will threaten the town’s peaceful way of life and endanger many.

The excitement in the book kept me turning pages!   So many times I wished I could warn Dorothy and Brandon what was going on!  The lessons in the story of personal growth and leaving the past behind were phenomenal, and they involved seeing the truth rather than being guided by emotions.  A book you will want to read, but if you read at bedtime, start early because you won’t want to put it down!  I cannot wait for book number three!

I received this book from Library Thing’s Early Reviewers.  The opinions I have stated are my own.