The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water By Erin Bartels

While I applaud Ms. Bartel’s talent as a writer, I cannot give this book the review I was hoping.  It was a bit of a surprise.  The situations portrayed in the book were not what would be expected from a Christian publisher.   I hate giving bad reviews but it was not something I feel comfortable reading or encouraging others to.

There is frequent alcohol use, drunkenness, and descriptions of sexual molestation. The latter, due to the very nature of it, while not as explicit as it could have been, cannot be made clean.  The main character even has a man she has never met before stay in her cabin with her. He is there to help her translate her book into another language.  That is innocent enough, and nothing happens between them, but not in keeping with godly conduct.

There are several references and descriptions of the woman’s scantily clad attire, and her molester looking her over.  This made me uncomfortable just reading it.

In fact there is not Christian aspect or even God mentioned in the story.

I would not have agreed to review this book had there been any indication of these things. This book was definitely not for me. 

I received this book from Revell publishing in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated are my own.