Another Good Dog By Cara Sue Achterberg

I am a dog lover deluxe! I never met a dog I didn’t like or didn’t want to pet. Therefore, any true story about these furry angels has my attention. Not all are well written and some don’t really focus on the animals. Ms. Achterberg does a fantastic job with both.
The author not only shares her experiences rescuing and fostering dogs but also shares her heart. I laughed, I cried and I stood in awe at her perseverance, dedication, sacrifice and deep love for these animals. It wasn’t their fault they ended up without a home but that of irresponsible humans. I was touched my how she accepted each one for who they were and was able to see past problems some of them had due to their experiences. She works so hard not only finding them a new home but overcoming obstacles they face. Every animal, be it a dog or any species deserves a second chance. Thankfully there are people like the author who will work so hard to give them one.
This audio book made the miles of driving go faster as I enjoyed every minute of this book. I couldn’t wait to get back in the car and go somewhere to hear the rest! I felt a very personal connection with each animal and wish I could pet and snuggle each one. A touching story.


With Winter’s Frost By Kelly Irvin

This book was different and I liked it! It breaks all the norms about Christian romance novels! Most are about couples in the bloom of youth, and I have read a few about middle aged couples. The romantic couple in this story is senior citizens in their 70’s. That might sound a bit odd but the story is beautifully and realistically written.
Laura is a widow and retired midwife. She is still very active helping in her community and with her family. Zechariah is a widower but he is not in good health and is suffering from Parkinson’s. Along with the difficulties of the disease, he is struggling living with his family besides relying on them for his daily needs. The two have known each other since grade school.
After his granddaughter has a difficult birth with twins, Laura steps in to help with the household, the younger children, and Zechariah. Losing his independence and his failing body has turned him into a real grumpy old man. She sees his discouragement and emotional pain and determines to cheer him up. As time passes they realize there is a spark between them. The question is can they find that kind of happiness at their age and the obstacles that come with it?
Ms. Irvin touches on so many true to life challenges faced in the senior years. Even though Zechariah had family to care for him, the loss of his independence was devastating. Being told what to do, where to live and having all your decisions made for you is frustrating. As the body grows frail it is discouraging not to be able work and to everything you once enjoyed. The youth of the family take the place the person once held making it easy to feel useless and unwanted. The couple’s aches, pains, exhaustion in doing the simplest tasks was so true-to-life.
I loved the family Amish family moments of meals, special times for a cup of coffee and fresh baked cookies. It was heartwarming and brought to light there are still sweet pleasures at any age. Most of all I like the wonderful Laura’s wonderful sense of humor. I haven’t read the other books but I am going to now!
I received this book from Booklookbloggers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.

Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science By Drew Dyck

Our future depends on the choices we make today. A huge part of what we do, positively and negatively depends on self-control. This seems to be lacking in today’s society in a big way. As Christians our guide to the why and how of self-control is God’s Word. Mr. Dyck does an extraordinary job digging deep into the Bible to find those answers for us.
I have heard the old saying, “you do what you love”. The author points out that if we choose to give into the flesh and sin, then we love it more than God. That sheds a pretty bright light on the decisions we make! We must love God first and foremost (as He tells us in His Word) and we will have the strength to do right.
I like the way Mr. Dyck helps the reader combine the spiritual with our real life struggles. This enables us to see and apply, not just read and wonder.
He also brings out a VERY important point that people miss about God’s guideline for Christian living. It is not confining and cramping our style, like a chain to be endured and drug around for life. The Christian life done God’s way is freeing! We can be and do all He wants us to be, unencumbered by the destruction of sin’s consequences. Self-indulgence is a tool of Satan to push us into his plan of misery. We actually give him control over our life instead of the Lord.
What people think will make them happy in the moment will bring far reaching unhappiness. To look at the bigger picture, God’s plan and deny that moment of pleasure or ease will bring more joy and blessing than one can imagine. The author presents not only a very clear understanding of the problems we face, but also a biblical point of view and the tools to strengthen ourselves. One of my favorite parts was about wasting time. This is my Achilles heel, especially online time. A book I recommend for all Christians to read!
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.