The Basic Bible Atlas By John A. Beck

What a fantastic Bible reference book for study and just reading! The book isn’t big or long, but what it packs into 171 pages is incredible. I liked the way the book was arranged. I know the Bible is true and real without a doubt, but the author brought it to life for me. The Bible history, eye-catching, clear map illustrations and the wonderful word descriptions that went with them gave me a greater picture of the events I have read about so many times. I know from now on when I read my Bible what I have learned will come to mind and add to my time in the Word. Mr. Beck covered from Genesis to Revelations! Some thing that impressed me was the many scriptural references on every page. The scripture index and place names index at the back of the book make it simple to look up specific books, scriptures, locations you might be studying. A treasure to have! I know I will be using it often.
I received this book from Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I stated are my own.


Out of the Embers By Amanda Cabot

I can always be assured any book my Amanda Cabot is not only a great read, but also a wholesome decent book. After the death of her parents Evelyn had made the orphanage and Mrs. Folger the matron her safe haven and home. She was 23 years old but remained there as an employee. Six year old Polly and orphan also had a special place in her heart and she watched out for her. Upon returning to town with Polly from a trip, she finds the orphanage has been set on fire and no one survived.
It was no accident just like the brutal murder of her parents. Ever since that horrible day she had felt someone following and watching her, wanting to kill her too. She felt sure this was their doing and she was in danger. Immediately she leaves, taking Polly with her and instructing the child to say they were sisters. On the way a terrifying thunderstorm forces them to take shelter under their wagon.
Wyatt Clark is heading home in the storm and comes up them. Hungry, frightened and exhausted he takes them to his ranch where he lives with his mother and sister. There they are taken in, loved and cared for like they were part of the family. Her excellent cooking leads to the Clarks encouraging and helping her open a restaurant in the nearby town of Mesquite Springs. There is even an apartment above the business for a new home. Her life is turned around with opportunity, hope, friends, and independence for her and Polly. But are they truly safe? It seems the “Watcher” may have found her.
The suspense and mystery in the book was kept me turning the pages! Evelyn’s courage and Wyatt’s gentleness and character endeared me to both of them. I especially liked the descriptions of the restaurant and running it. I cannot imagine how they did all the cooking, cleaning and serving without modern conveniences! I am very excited to know that this book is the first in a series!
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.

Good Night, Fireflies By Janet L. Christensen

This is one of the sweetest books I have ever read and one of the best for children facing fears of the dark! It also brought very special memories to mind of my childhood. As a little girl growing up in Texas, those warm summer nights when fireflies came out was magical. There aren’t many now like there were then, when there were great numbers of them. I would sit mesmerized and sometimes catch one. My father would punch holes in a jar, put a bed of fresh leaves in the bottom and allow me to put it by my bed overnight. It was understood the next morning I was to release it.
I also remember having a great fear of the dark in my bedroom at night. Personally I was sure there were alligators under my bed that would bite my feet if I got up! Awww the memories.
I love the way the author addressed a very common childhood fear by using God and a beautiful part of His creation to bring rust and reassurance to little hearts. A young boy named Landon becomes frightened by all the scary things he imagines to be in his room after the lights are turned out. He cries out to his father, and his Dad does something very special. He takes him outside to teach him that God is always with Him and just a prayer away. The pages are bursting color and the illustrations are amazing. I also liked that each page had only a few lines to read. I know how important this is to keep a little readers attention! Can’t wait to share this book with my grandsons! A bookshelf keeper!
I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.