The Light Before Day By Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is the third book in the Nantucket Legacy Series. I am happy to say I have read all three! This can easily be read as a standalone but you won’t want to miss reading the other 2!
Henry Macy and his twin sister Hitty are summoned home following being gone on a whaling expedition for 3 years. Their cantankerous grandmother has died leaving them her fortune with some very detailed and constraining guidelines. Should they decide not to follow her wishes the fortune would be given to their scoundrel of an uncle that robbed their father of all he had. They don’t want the money, but what about using it to help their community? Their choice is not an easy especially with the other instructions their grandmother has left.
This book as with the others draws the characters to Great Mary’s diary. A family heirloom passed down since the 1600’s. Wisdom never is out of date and this treasure continues to guide the family member who receives it. It has been a major part of each book and I couldn’t wait until another page of it was revealed.
Nantucket in the 1800’s had greatly grown from its humble beginnings. The whaling industry was still the center of it. But with time and progress come new challenges and struggles. Discrimination and conflict concerning slavery was a major issue. It was interesting to see it from the view point of that era and how the Quakers dealt with it. The story was exciting complex with the plot and characters. I love the unexpected surprises! Definitely a book for your reading list!