Wooing Cadie MCaffrey By Bethany Turner

I haven’t read many Christian comedy romances and this one was definitely unique.
Cadie and Will are both in their 30’s, unmarried and very involved in their careers. They begin seriously dating and develop a loving and comfortable relationship. But after 4 years of hoping proposal Cadie becomes frustrated. Will drops hints of marriage but never takes the next step. She finally breaks up with him. Will truly loves her and determines to do all he can to woo her back.
There were so many things I liked about this book! First and foremost was the humor! So many times I was laughing out loud. I feel Ms. Turner realistically portrayed the relationships and interactions of young adults today. The lack of communication between the two was also spot on. It is an area so many people are lacking in and with disastrous results as with Cadie and Will.
I admired that they couple were saving themselves for marriage and wanted God’s best. I was not comfortable (even though it was handled very tastefully) when their passion went too far. I saw regret and shame for failing, but not a true repentance toward God. I thought it was wonderful that Cadie honored her parents and was concerned about sharing what she had done. Yes she was an adult and didn’t have to, but it showed respect. In spite of their not saving intimacy for marriage, the author did a wonderful job of stressing God’s forgiveness and starting over. It introduced the concept that no man or no woman is perfect and all a person needs. Commitment to one another requires forgiveness, acceptance, compromise and work! A sweet book with many important messages for couples.
I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


Living Lies By Natalie Walters

Natalie Walters hit a home run with her first book! The characters and the plot were amazing, but the author skillfully included serious issues in the forefront of society today: PTSD, depression and anxiety. The story immediately grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and didn’t let go. I was hooked into the old readers’ syndrome, “I am just going to read one more chapter to see what happens”.
It is late at night and a young woman (Lane) is standing near the edge of bridge on the verge of jumping to her death. The town’s new deputy (Charlie) happens by and finds her. She attempts to explain she is just taking pictures but Charlie can see through the facade. Ashamed and frightened she bolts into the woods but in the darkness she trips over something and falls. That something was a dead body! Very quickly a troubled war veteran with PTSD is suspected and the small town wants justice! Lane knows in her heart he is innocent and courageously takes a stand for him.
Lane is a widow and mother who had moved back to her hometown and start a new life leaving her guilt, grief and secrets behind. Charlie, a war veteran has moved there to work with his uncle, the sheriff. Both are sure they want no part of romance or marriage but God has other plans. Lane suffers from severe depression and anxiety. Due her family’s attitude toward her struggle, lack of support and understanding she sees herself as broken and undeserving of love. Charlie also faces family disapproval for leaving a career in the military. The story moves so smoothly as clues to the murderer’s identity is sought.
The author does a beautiful job of showing the minds and hearts of those with mental illness. I feel it gives the reader a greater understanding of how those afflicted suffer, needing our compassion and understanding, not disapproval. They are often hindered in forgiving and accepting themselves by the harsh judgement of others. Ms. Walters shows throughout the book that the true source of overcoming and moving on is trust in God. I cannot wait to read the next book!
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.