The Sweet Life By Suzanne Woods Fisher

Dawn Dixon had the world by the tail.  She was a successful CPA with a big firm and looking forward to career changing promotion.  Everything was prepared and she was just 2 months away from marrying her childhood sweetheart and best friend.  Then it all came crashing down.  Kevin, her finance canceled the wedding.  As if things could not be worse she finds her mother, Marnie had breast cancer surgery and treatment without her knowledge! 

So what’s a girl to do?  Hurting for her Mom and herself she decides they both need a break and she invites her to go with her to her honeymoon destination in Cape Cod, since the reservations can’t be canceled.

She isn’t sure how this will work out as her and her mom are polar opposites.  She is OCD in her planning and a control freak.  Marnie on the other hand is a totally spontaneous free spirit with no boundaries!

Expecting the ocean and surroundings to be healing for both of them all is well, right?  What she isn’t prepared for is Marnie to buy a dilapidated ice cream shop in the historical part of town!  Dawn and her deceased father’s love of ice cream and pursuit of finding the perfect recipe was Marnie’s motivation.  A new start for both of them!  The problem was she didn’t’ tell Dawn until AFTER the purchase.  Stress does not even begin to describe Dawn’s feelings!  She stays on in hope of undoing the mistake she feels her mother has made, but there are more surprises ahead.

This was such a fun read!  The description of the ocean and the sea side community was a getaway for me!  I was caught up in Marnie’s enthusiasm and plans for the shop.  I could also feel Dawn’s stress and confusion at trying to be in control of everything.  I have succumbed to this attitude in the past when circumstances have overwhelmed me. Ice cream wise, I am a cookies and cream girl, but Dawn’s unusual flavor creations made me wish I could try them.  I loved seeing the spiritual transformation of both women. I could relate. Marnie had great faith in God but struggled to release it in other areas.  Dawn lacked faith in allow God be in control not only her life but those she loved.  Both found that through life’s greatest trials God bring the most beautiful blessings and changes!  I am so excited this is a series and cannot wait to read the next book!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for a positive review.  The ideas expressed are my own.