Gospel Formed By J.A Medders

When I started reading this book, I must confess my expectations were not the greatest. I assumed it would to be dry and boring, unable to really teach me anything didn’t already know. I am happy to say that was not the case! I found it interesting, entertaining and enlightening. No there wasn’t any new information I have not studied or heard of before, but I understand now that teaching me something new was not the author’s goal. He wanted share the things I already knew but to see them in a different light.
The book is an easy read and the chapters are only a few pages each. However he got right to the heart of the matter in those few pages. The book centers on making the main thing, the main thing, and that is the Gospel which is also Christ. You can’t separate the two, yet somehow we do. The Gospel should be the hub of the wheel of our lives and everything else should radiate from it. That includes all things: emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Somehow as we travel through time we have a tendency to make one or more spokes of our “wheel” the hub.
We can become so familiar (and not in a good way) with being a Christian, our relationship with God and what His Word says that we unknowingly become detached and complacent. We “know” It, but is it a living, breathing, all-encompassing part of our daily existence? I believe most people would have to say “no”. This book encourages us to take a fresh look at Gospel until it becomes what the Lord intended it to be, the center of our being.
I loved Mr. Medder’s humor and his anecdotes were spot on! I also appreciated the many scripture references to look up and further my study. His direct questions were undeniably probing, causing me to look inward. He certainly encouraged me to take a closer look at myself and gave me the desire to make the Gospel the focus of every aspect and every moment!
I received this book free from Kregel Publications. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.