Stuck DVD Based Bible Study and Guide by Jennie Allen

5 Stars for this study and DVD!  I liked Ms. Allen’s sincere, real, transparent presentations, not like the syrupy, dramatized speakers on some women’s study DVDs.  You feel like you are friends and she is simply sharing with you.  I was impressed with her openness and vulnerability about her own failures.  It makes it easier to approach the subject in your own life.   She gets right to the heart of the matter.  She addresses the dilemma of being a Christian, saved by grace and being a new creature in Christ yet finding yourself “stuck” with old areas of sin in your life. Things we just can’t seem to get past and that hinder our growth and maturity in the Lord.  This is an area Christians grapple with and ask, “If I am really saved why am I still struggling with this? What’s wrong with me?” 

The 7 topics she covers are the key areas we know are there but seldom address.  We avoid them because we don’t know how to face and deal with the issues, so we simply ignore them.

Ms. Allen guides you in not only how to overcome these “spiritual warts” with the Lord’s help and His Word, but also stop the cycle of reverting back to these old ways. In other words, applying what you learn for a lasting solution.

The 5 week course is intense in self examination and study, but it isn’t one of these massive workbooks that become a challenge the lessons each week.

This is a real soul searching study.  The study guide is excellent.  In addition to showing you how to apply scripture to your “stuck” areas, the personal evaluation is very thought provoking and encourages you to look at yourself in ways you have not before. I also like the conversation cards that were included.  They also could be used in a private or group study.  These are questions that really make you think!   Some you wouldn’t even think of asking yourself.

I do wish this was offered in the KJV also. 

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