This was a springboard idea from the blog KEEPING LIFE CREATIVE. Here is the link http://keepinglifecreative.com/scrapbooking/if-you-give-a-mom-a-muffin/
I was thinking of doing something for the grandkids teachers. I came up with my version.
I plan to bake some big chocolate chip muffins in extra pretty cupcake liners. Tie them up in a bag with a ribbon and attach this.
Sorry there aren’t pictures, I am not that blog savvy yet!

If You Give A Teacher A Muffin
by Narita Roady

If you give a teacher a muffin,
She will take it to her class and set it on her desk.
She will cut it in 4 pieces so it will be easier to eat.
Looking at the pieces will make her think of fractions.
She will begin working on a lesson plan to teach fractions.
She will look at it and she will see the blueberries,
This will get her thinking about plants and how they grow.
She will start making worksheets for a study on plants.
The muffin crumbs will get all over her desk.
She will be reminded of how messy her students are.
She will begin looking for her book “Mr. Messy” to teach them how important neatness is.
After all this hard work she will get hungry and take a bite of the muffin.
It will taste so good she will think of eating healthy.
She will dig in her resources for a food pyramid to teach nutrition.
As she wipes the crumbs from her mouth,
She remembers she needs to call a parent and talk to them.
After she makes the call she realizes she is thirsty and needs a drink to go with the muffin.
She will go the teachers’ lounge for a cup of coffee and see the copier.
She will go back to her class and get the science papers she needs to copy.
When she comes back to her room she will take another bite of muffin.
She will think of how much her students would enjoy a muffin.
She begins to make a list of ingredients to buy for her class to bake some.
She accidently knocks the muffin off in the floor.
Getting down on her hands and knees to clean up the mess,
She realizes she isn’t in shape like she used to me.
Pulling up on her desk she makes a note to have her students do 20 jumping jacks tomorrow for P.E.
It is time to go home and she gets her purse and turns out the lights.
As she goes to her car she drinks the her coffee and thinks of the rest of her muffin she lost.
She visualizes baking muffins with 22 students.
She decides she will buy 22 muffins for her class for tomorrow and 1 for her.
And chances are. . .
When she serves her class the muffins someone will drop theirs on the floor,
And she will give them hers.