Muffin Tin Chef by Matt Kadey

This book has SO MUCH to offer! There are a multitude of ways these recipes can be used. Being a widow, I struggle with eating, period. There is the issue of not really having an appetite and also the challenge of cooking for one. I was thrilled to see what this cookbook had to offer!
The individual portions are perfect for me. Of course I can’t eat an entire recipe (which varies from 6- 12 servings), but that is okay because my leftovers are another meal!. The recipes are simple, varied, and delicious. Ingredients are easy to find, and most you will have on hand already. No special items that are only found on top of a mountain in Tibet or you have to empty your pocket book to purchase! They also helped me in my goal of eating a healthier diet. Sections include, breakfast, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an entire meal muffin tin meal?
Single servings are great to take with me and eat on the run, thus keeping me from eating out. But it doesn’t just stop with me! This cookbook is great for cooking for your kids and in my case my grandkids. The muffin meals intrigue them not to mention the smaller sizes cook faster. Important when you have a hungry bunch waiting to eat. Any leftovers turn into individualized snacks for later.
The colorful and appetizing pictures of each recipe wet my appetite and also I love the simple clean up without a lot of pots and pans. There is also a primer on different kinds of muffin tins and sizes; silicone, metal, stoneware, cast iron, etc. The author also discusses packaging and freezing. He has conveniently marked recipes that are Vegetarian, Gluten free, and can be frozen later. With the latter you can have a bunch on hand to quickly heat up.
A cookbook for everyone, dieters (portion control), couples, singles, college students, etc; it can fit the needs of everyone. I plan to makes some of the recipes for our church dinners. This is a cookbook you want to own and will use a lot!
I received this book free from Ulysses Press in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.


Once Upon a Summertime By Melody Carlson

I have never read a book by Melody Carlson I did not enjoy. This one will be added to the list. It was a refreshing change from historical novels. I never fail to learn something new from the books I read. When I heard of people going to school to get a degree in hotel management I never realized all the Hospitality Industry entailed professionally!
Anna Gordon is a young woman with big dreams to pursue a career she loves. She puts her plans on hold to move back to her small home town and be with her widowed grandmother. Making the best of the situation and wait or God to direct her, she gets a job managing the “Value Lodge”. The name should tell you enough! It was fraught with frustrations dealing with indifferent owners, lax employees, and outdated facilities. She feels her education and expertise is worthless there. Just when she thinks she can’t handle anymore, the opportunity of a life time opens up.
A friend arranges for her to interview for a job at a stylish, high-class, new hotel opening in New York City! She gets a job, but not as manager. Much to her disappointment, she is hired as head of housekeeping. She decides to do her very best and hopefully move up in the future. The real blow to her comes when she finds out that Sean O’Neil is the new manager. He is an old crush of hers from high school. Still drawn to him, she struggles to maintain a professional attitude and relationship. Much to her surprise, he is very interested in more.
That wasn’t the only adjustment she faced. It was quite a change from her little community to bustling New York City! I have never been to the Big Apple, but I feel like I got a mini trip their through Anna! Ms. Carlson made the sights and sounds so real. I especially liked her descriptiveness of the hotel and Anna’s first apartment. This is a fun book, and such a sweet story of romance. An added bonus is a sneak peek at the author’s next book in her “Follow Your Heart” series. I can’t wait to read it too!
I received a copy of this book from Revell’s Blog Tour Program for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Love’s Rescue By Christine Johnson

When I read the title of the book I never dreamed all the excitement that would be packed into the word “rescue”. This is not your regular 1800’s historical fiction! The storm Elizabeth Benjamin’s ship is facing in her return to Key West, Florida is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the tempest that awaits her at home when she arrives.
For the past four years in South Carolina she has managed to dodge every suitor her family has presented. A different story lies ahead for her when she is once again in her father’s house. He is determined to have her marry and has even picked her (icky) future husband. Her meddling, elderly aunt has rigid social expectations for her too. She also faces her mother’s death since she was gone, and she feels responsible to care for her crippled brother whose condition is a direct result of choice she made in the past. Her heart still belongs to the handsome and kind, Captain O’Malley. Does he share her feelings after all this time? Her father is totally against her marrying the captain as he is “beneath” her station.
She is faced with family secrets that will require her to forgive as much as she desires to be forgiven. The story is rich in history about the Florida Key, slavery issues, and the shipping industry. Add to that lots of action packed moments! The characters face life threatening peril, evil conspiracy, deception, and much more. This is a wonderfully written book with a plot and fascinating characters that draw you into the suspense and times.
I received a copy of this book from Revell Blog Tour Program for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Candy Aisle Crafts Create Fun Projects with Supermarket Sweets By Jodi Levine

This book is just what I have been waiting for!!! It is a goldmine of creative ideas that anyone can do and do well! This is the “Candyland” of books! There were so many things I liked!
The sturdy cover and pages make it easy to use and handle while cooking and creating! The cover back and front drew me in immediately with the colorful finished products displayed.
The ideas were unique, new, and easy enough for anyone to do. None were labor intensive and the ingredients are easily found in your pantry and grocery store. Not to mention none of the projects are expensive. All these are big pluses when you are preparing these as treats for a large group. These creations would thrill a children’s class at school, a Sunday school class, anywhere you want to bring refreshments. The ideas are so unusual and cute, they will add to the fun and celebration.
Most of projects are kid-friendly and the incredible step by step how to pictures makes everything even easier! A book you will want to keep and use!
I received this book free from in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.

KJV Note-Taker’s Bible Published by Zondervan

The KJV is the only Bible version I read. I was delighted to see one of such quality and with so many bonuses! It is a very well made Bible. I was concerned at first about it being a hardcover, but it is not heavy and is easy to handle.
Except for a small concordance in the back, it is just what you need for Bible study; the bare bones! No cross references, commentaries, maps, etc. You have just God’s word for you to read and discover the treasures within. I know I become distracted by the things I mentioned, and while they do aid my studies, when I am reading on my Bible I need to focus on what the Lord shows me, not any extra information. I can get the references and dig deeper later. This makes what I write even more personal and relevant to my life.
I have always been not so much a note taker in my Bible as writing down insights, and special understandings of the scriptures. And write I have! That is one reason I love the large margins! My previous Bible so marked in every available place!!! In the Note-Takers Bible, there is so much room not only to write but keep everything neat and in order, not struggling to try and squeeze more in.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the large margins did not also accompany a font size that requires a microscope to read! The icing on the cake is that it is also are red letter Bible! All the words of Christ are in red! For me, this makes what Jesus spoke to stand out even more.
I also see it becoming an heirloom of my spiritual journal for my family to read for generations to come. I find this important because I have received Bibles from parents and grandparents upon their death, excited to what they learned, only to find very few notes or none at all. This Bible would also be excellent for those who do Bible journaling with pictures decorative handwriting.
This Bible is a treasure! I look forward to it becoming a very special part of my daily time with the Lord.
I received this Bible from the BookLook Bloggers, program for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have written are my own.