Muffin Tin Chef by Matt Kadey

This book has SO MUCH to offer! There are a multitude of ways these recipes can be used. Being a widow, I struggle with eating, period. There is the issue of not really having an appetite and also the challenge of cooking for one. I was thrilled to see what this cookbook had to offer!
The individual portions are perfect for me. Of course I can’t eat an entire recipe (which varies from 6- 12 servings), but that is okay because my leftovers are another meal!. The recipes are simple, varied, and delicious. Ingredients are easy to find, and most you will have on hand already. No special items that are only found on top of a mountain in Tibet or you have to empty your pocket book to purchase! They also helped me in my goal of eating a healthier diet. Sections include, breakfast, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an entire meal muffin tin meal?
Single servings are great to take with me and eat on the run, thus keeping me from eating out. But it doesn’t just stop with me! This cookbook is great for cooking for your kids and in my case my grandkids. The muffin meals intrigue them not to mention the smaller sizes cook faster. Important when you have a hungry bunch waiting to eat. Any leftovers turn into individualized snacks for later.
The colorful and appetizing pictures of each recipe wet my appetite and also I love the simple clean up without a lot of pots and pans. There is also a primer on different kinds of muffin tins and sizes; silicone, metal, stoneware, cast iron, etc. The author also discusses packaging and freezing. He has conveniently marked recipes that are Vegetarian, Gluten free, and can be frozen later. With the latter you can have a bunch on hand to quickly heat up.
A cookbook for everyone, dieters (portion control), couples, singles, college students, etc; it can fit the needs of everyone. I plan to makes some of the recipes for our church dinners. This is a cookbook you want to own and will use a lot!
I received this book free from Ulysses Press in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.


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