Love Comes Home By Ann H. Gabhart

This is a beautiful story of a close community and a family, starting over after the war. World War II is finally ended and the residents of Rosey Corner are very excited. While some anxiously await the return of their loved ones, others grieve the loss of theirs. The Merritt’s are facing both of these situations.
Kate and Evie’s husbands both return. While the men have been away fighting the sisters have dreamed of their new lives with their husbands when they returned. Those dreams kept their hope alive, but war changes men, and that changes the plans their women have envisioned. The wives long for everything to be the way it was, but the men know they will never be the same. Tori’s husband died fighting for his country. She is left a very young widow to raise her daughter alone. Even with the support of her loving family, she struggles with going on. The youngest sister, Lorena, is just blossoming into a young lady. She is ecstatic at about the return of her brother-in-laws. Her focus is on pursuing the singing career she dreams about and her youthful enthusiasm is uplifting to the family.
I love the way the author vividly captures all the emotions each character is feeling. In the midst of such happiness is confusion and struggles. As challenges unfold it is interesting to see how each sister’s personality affects her response. These things brought the people to life and made them real to me. One of the things that impressed me the most about the book is how strong the faith of the family was. Each trial the people encountered always drew them to God and His Word. There were so many lessons about how to view one’s situation from God’s point of view, and submitting to His plans. Lessons that can be applied to our lives. Ms. Gabhart also includes other people in the community. She beautifully weaves them into the fabric of the family’s lives where we learn their stories and hardships too. There is lots of excitement and surprises along the way. This is my first book of Ann Gabhart’s to read and I was very impressed.
I received this book free from Revell Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.