Too Deep for Words By Andrea Boeshaar

Until I started reading the book I did not realize it was a sequel to A Thousand Shall Fall. To say I was excited is an understatement! The first book was one I thoroughly enjoyed. This one did not disappoint either.
Once again Ms. Boesharr does an excellent job of portraying the emotions, struggles and lives of those living during the Civil War Era.
Carrie Ann has found the love of her life with Yankee officer, Peyton Collier. After living a life of deprivation and abuse she finds herself a privileged lady of means.
Life is near perfect, except for the war. She knows she could lose her husband at any time. After only 19 days as Mrs. Collier, her Peyton is called to deal with small military occurrence promising to be back for breakfast the next day. He never returns and the military reports to her that he is missing in battle and probably dead. Carrie cannot give up the gut feeling that he is alive somewhere. His aunt, her sister and their beloved house keeper try to persuade her to accept the fact he is gone, but she refuses.
Passionately she begins an exhaustive search of hospitals where wounded men have been taken. Finally there is lead that the soldiers in that battle have been taken to a certain hospital but it is a Confederate one in Virginia. She and her sister travel there on a ruse putting their lives in danger.
Carrie’s emotions are all over the place and she goes from doubt to certainty her much-loved husband is alive. In the midst of her confusion is her husband’s best friend, Eli, a confederate soldier, with whom he appointed executor of his estate should he die. Peyton also ask him to look after Carrie and his family. Eli has always been in love with her and begins to woo her. She is told she is a widow, yet she doesn’t feel like one. Should she begin a new life or continue the quest for husband? Should she listen to others or her heart?
A well written novel filled with suspense, mystery, romance, and characters that draw you into their life. I cannot wait for the sequel!! This book can be read alone but you will definitely want to read the first book!!!!
I was provided a copy of this book Kregel Publications, with no expectation of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.