365 Trivia Twist Devotions: Fun Facts and Spiritual Truths for Every Day of the Year By David R. Veerman and Betsy Schmitt

I have always loved trivia! There is always something to learn and I enjoy unusual facts. This book adds another bonus, the Bible! It can’t get better than this! Every page is full of interesting things. Each day of the year has a page with interesting facts, events, topics, or a little know “national day” to be celebrated. Included is a scripture that links the subject to the Bible. Some contain additional verses. (Something I really like!) I was disappointed it was not in the KJV but always read from mine when references are not the King James. The black and white illustrations also added to the page. Also an added plus is another piece of trivia for that day.
This is the ultimate family devotional book! I know older children, teens and adults will have no trouble paying attention. It opens the door for all kind of discussion. I would have my children make the scripture of the day part of their memorization. Something unusual I also liked was that the Table of Contents was arranged in scripture order from Old to New Testament. If you were doing a study of a particular books of the Bible or wanted do your devotionals in this order it makes it very easy. I also see this as a wonderful book for Sunday school classes or youth groups. You could have one before each lesson or expand on it turning it into a longer study. It holds so many possibilities! This is definitely not your ordinary devotional book!
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Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal By Tyndale

By Tyndale
With adult coloring books and journaling all the rage, this book is perfect for both!
It is super sturdy so I can carry it anywhere with me and not have to worry about pages or covers being bent or torn. It’s perfect!!
The pages vary. They might have a subject of gratitude to focus on, a prayer, or a scripture. The coloring pages also have bits of color already in them which I found very appealing. Some pages are very simple leaving an area for you to add your own drawing. Others are more detailed. All are creative and fun. This is a very unique book that will bless you in three ways, coloring, journaling, and God’s Word. I would have preferred the scriptures be in KJV instead of NLT but that is just my preference. When you are done you will have a beautiful keepsake of encouragement to look back on again and again.
I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blogger Program for an honest review

Less Than Perfect By Ann Spangler

Any book by Ann Spangler gets my attention. She has a talent for making Bible study interesting and personal. I liked the title of the book as that explains me exactly; less than perfect. Every person mentioned in the Bible was put there for us to learn from, be it their successes or mistakes. I liked that this book took a closer look at those who messed up just like us today.
Ann brought these people to life for me, not just names on the pages of my Bible. With each of the 30 “less than perfect” Bible man or woman, she shares their story in her own words. This is followed with a section called “The Times”, my favorite part. Bible scripture references of when the character’s story is listed, even ones they are just mentioned it. That impressed me! Here the reader learns of the historical times the person lived during. For me this created a whole picture of the character and helped me see them as flesh and blood people. Lastly is “The Takeaway”. Approximately 4 to 5 questions to answer and reflect on. I found these to also encourage me to do a self-check as to if I was possibly making some of the same mistakes. It also aided me relating the temptations and faulty decisions to this day and time.
A wonderful devotional/study or lessons for a group. Thank you Ms. Spangler for another exceptional book! I always acquire so much from your writings!
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The Daily Question for You and Your Child By Waterbrook

This book was very different than what I expected and I like it! My grandson is only 7 months old now but when he is old enough this book is going to him and his mother. This is a very unique book.
Packed into this one book you have a neat, easy 3 year journal. On the front cover is a place to insert the child’s picture. I would make a collage of 3 pictures representing each year the journal was used.
Inside are 365 questions, one for each day of the year. These have 3 sections of 5 lines each to record the child’s answers, and a place to write the year. Some are spiritual questions and some are just for fun.
The book is beautiful. It is well made, sturdy and perfect as a lifelong keepsake. I liked the fact that a child who could read and write would be able to use it alone. Or a young child who does not yet have those skills could answer the questions with the parent writing. I love the idea of the parent helping the first year or two and the child doing the last one. Either way it is a great way for the parent and child to spend time together.
Everyone likes to see pictures of them when they were young and hear stories about their escapades. The Daily Question for You and Your Child provides an extraordinary memento that will allow them to look back, seeing their ideas and thoughts at those ages. It will be fun to see how my little man progresses and matures in his thinking as the years go by.
I think every parent should have this book! What a wonderful baby gift too!
I received this book from the publisher through their book launch program. The opinions I have stated are my own.