The Daily Question for You and Your Child By Waterbrook

This book was very different than what I expected and I like it! My grandson is only 7 months old now but when he is old enough this book is going to him and his mother. This is a very unique book.
Packed into this one book you have a neat, easy 3 year journal. On the front cover is a place to insert the child’s picture. I would make a collage of 3 pictures representing each year the journal was used.
Inside are 365 questions, one for each day of the year. These have 3 sections of 5 lines each to record the child’s answers, and a place to write the year. Some are spiritual questions and some are just for fun.
The book is beautiful. It is well made, sturdy and perfect as a lifelong keepsake. I liked the fact that a child who could read and write would be able to use it alone. Or a young child who does not yet have those skills could answer the questions with the parent writing. I love the idea of the parent helping the first year or two and the child doing the last one. Either way it is a great way for the parent and child to spend time together.
Everyone likes to see pictures of them when they were young and hear stories about their escapades. The Daily Question for You and Your Child provides an extraordinary memento that will allow them to look back, seeing their ideas and thoughts at those ages. It will be fun to see how my little man progresses and matures in his thinking as the years go by.
I think every parent should have this book! What a wonderful baby gift too!
I received this book from the publisher through their book launch program. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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