Homemade Cleaners By Dionna Ford and Mandy O’Brien

Making your own household cleaners is all the rage right now and rightfully so. The benefits include protecting the environment, your family’s health from harsh chemicals, and financial savings. I have definitely hopped on this band wagon! All across the internet are recipes for every type of cleaner imaginable. I have been faithfully copying, pasting, and saving the recipes in my documents. And there they sit, to be edited, re-fonted and printed to put in a special binder. You guessed it I haven’t done it yet. The thought of all that work stops me cold. I was excited to see this book! Now I have all the recipes in one book and easy to access!
They have thought of everything you can imagine and some you haven’t! The recipes cover every room in the house, laundry, yard, outdoors, and more. I was impressed with how few ingredients you need to mix so many different cleaners and most you will have on hand or can easily find. A great book!
I received this book free from Ulysses Press Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


God Made You Just Right By Jill Roman Lord

I strongly believe a child is never too young to be introduced to reading and books. It will create a life time love of both and open the door to so many adventures and opportunities to learn. Not just any books are acceptable, but wholesome, quality ones. This book is perfect! It is a sturdy, washable board book that a little one can call their own and hold up to budding bookworms.
Today even the youngest children are made to feel self-conscious about themselves and it only grows worse as they get older. Through media, friends, and even unintentional examples of parents and older siblings, they begin to struggle with self-acceptance. I very much liked how this book focuses on the fact that God is our basis of self-worth. As the title says, He made us “just right”.
The sweet story covers all the bases; ability, size, physical features, aptitude, sense of humor, creativeness, and uniqueness in every area!
Illustrations are excellent, depicting activities children participate in and enjoy. I love the way the author sums it all up with the most important point of all, “You may not be like other kids- that’s not your job at all.” An encouraging and uplifting book for little hearts!
I received this book free from Worthy Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.