Good Night, Fireflies By Janet L. Christensen

This is one of the sweetest books I have ever read and one of the best for children facing fears of the dark! It also brought very special memories to mind of my childhood. As a little girl growing up in Texas, those warm summer nights when fireflies came out was magical. There aren’t many now like there were then, when there were great numbers of them. I would sit mesmerized and sometimes catch one. My father would punch holes in a jar, put a bed of fresh leaves in the bottom and allow me to put it by my bed overnight. It was understood the next morning I was to release it.
I also remember having a great fear of the dark in my bedroom at night. Personally I was sure there were alligators under my bed that would bite my feet if I got up! Awww the memories.
I love the way the author addressed a very common childhood fear by using God and a beautiful part of His creation to bring rust and reassurance to little hearts. A young boy named Landon becomes frightened by all the scary things he imagines to be in his room after the lights are turned out. He cries out to his father, and his Dad does something very special. He takes him outside to teach him that God is always with Him and just a prayer away. The pages are bursting color and the illustrations are amazing. I also liked that each page had only a few lines to read. I know how important this is to keep a little readers attention! Can’t wait to share this book with my grandsons! A bookshelf keeper!
I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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