Make Their Day By Karen Ehman

Ms. Ehman is one of my favorite authors! I love sharing, giving and doing for others.  She always has beautiful, thoughtful and unique ideas to brighten people’s days and make them feels special.  This book as with her others has practical ideas anyone can do. The majority without a lot of work or cost. They are flexible in that you can personalize them to fit your special giving situation. More than ever right now people need to be encouraged. 

As the book cover says there are 101 of these little treasures. I found them all to be uncomplicated and easy.  The most impressive thing I found was that ALL of them are extraordinarily thoughtful, and that is something that really touches people’s hearts.  One of my favorite of the 8 sections is “Throughout Your Day and Around the Town.”  I love surprising people that work in the community as they are seldom recognized.

This is not giving me a pat on the back as the Lord gets the credit, but I want to share a personal experience in this area.  There was a woman at a very busy business in town.  EVERYTIME I was there no matter how busy they were or how grumpy a customer she was always patient, kind and wore a real smile.  The Lord kept prompting to do something for her.  So I put together a little bag, and wrote a letter telling her how much I appreciated her.  She cried.  Next time I went in she told me that day she had planned to take her life.  She was so discouraged and alone.  The tiny gift and note that only took a small amount of time gave her hope and made her want to go on.  I learned that you never ever underestimate the impact of small acts of kindness as in this book.  Remember, the gift you give is not truly the “gift”; the true gift is that you thought of them and cared.

I received these books from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.