Second Time Around By Melody Carlson

Mallory Farrell finds herself divorced with grown children and rambling around her huge Victorian home she has remodeled to perfection.  She has an upscale thriving home decorating business but feels alone and left behind.  What does she do now?  Things begin to change when she receives notice that she has inherited her beloved grandmother’s tourist shop in Seaport, Oregon.

She packs up to go and prepare it to sell.  It holds so many happy memories of her childhood and her grandmother.  Seaport is no longer a tourist hub.  She is surprised the sad condition the little shop has fallen into and the town.  An old high school friend, Grayson Matthews, offers to buy it.  Mallory considers selling until she finds out he plans to tear it down along with many other shops to build a modern mall.  She is horrified and refuses.  Then her strong creativity and passion as an interior decorator is awakened!  She decides to remodel and open a new business, one the town has never seen; a home decorating store.  She envisions it inspiring business owners to revive their shops too.

Fully committed, she sells her home, finds someone to care of her clients at and moves to Seaport.  Making a dream come to life is not without obstacles.  Her journey is certainly filled with those.  Some of them crushing, but she doesn’t give up.

This book is so descriptive you will feel you are right there watching everything unfold.   Ms. Carlson is a master at using details to bring the story to life.  Her first glimpse of her grandmother’s shop made me think of some of the little shops we’d visit while on vacation in Galveston Island 40 years ago.  Trinket, shells, plastic toys, all dusty and reminders of the past.  Not much you’d want to buy but fun to look at.

I so enjoyed watching the shop turn into something amazing.  I could picture the beautiful things in her inventory as she arranged them.  It was very satisfying to be a part of it and not lift a finger! There are so many unexpected surprises along the way.

I felt her overwhelming disappointment with each problem that arose, but felt inspired as she pulled herself and faced them head on.  I saw a huge lesson in not judging people’s motives by appearances.  They may as with her are the very ones that are your true friends.  Also sometimes we have to put aside our pride and ask for help. This was such a fun read!  

I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  All the opinions stated are my own.