Anything But Plain By Suzanne Woods Fisher

This book combines two very unusual subjects and modern day topics and weaving them into an informative, entertaining and interesting story!

Lydia is quirky and can’t seem to keep her life in order. This leads her quickly going from job to job in rapid succession. She feels doesn’t fit in anywhere, especially not in the ordered life of the Amish.  She secretly plans to leave.

Nathan’s dream is to become a successful organic farmer.  He loves Lydia and only sees her sweet spirit and unusual insight into situations.  Unfortunately his father and brother are sold out to using as many harmful chemicals on their crops as the can.  Ignoring the impact they have on the environment and health.

To complicate matters more Lydia’s paternal grandmother comes to stay.  She is overbearing, unkind, controlling and has a master plan to “fix” Lydia once and for all. Lydia’s Aunt, Dok is a physician who left the Amish years ago. She offers her a job in her office.  Her suspicions are validated with some testing, Lydia has ADHD.

All the characters are so multifaceted!  Each has their own faults and struggles they are secretly dealing with.  Ms. Fisher beautifully weaves them all together in their relationships and community! 

I learned much about ADHD that I wasn’t aware of.  Not only some of the challenges but also how greatly it impacts one’s day to day existence.  I appreciated that the author presented that it can be treated without medication.

A wonderful story of forgiveness and God’s healing in unexpected ways.  

I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated are my own.