Christian and Jacob Sea Kid’s Adventures Plush Toys Lee Ann Mancini

Christian Sea Turtle and Jacob Starfish are the main characters in God’s Gift by Lee Ann Mancini. Please see my review of this extraordinary children’s Christmas book. Children love stuffed toys and that is putting it mildly! They give them comfort and are fun. Snuggling such soft toys gives a child a sense of security. This is why many police, fire stations, and emergency rooms have them on hand when children are involved in tragedies or illness. Unlike toys now that play FOR the child, a plush toy allows little imaginations soar with no limits.
You have not seen stuffed toys this quality in a long time! I cannot emphasize how extremely well made they are in materials, construction and design. They can stand up to the toughest pint-sized loving and play. Well-crafted toys like these can even make it to an adult’s keepsake box.
The characters are captured exactly like their pictures in the book. Their colors are just as vibrant and bright. THEY ARE SO CUTE! I liked the super soft materials. They are just the right size for little hands and arms to hold. Best of all I found them not to hard, nor soft like so many plush toys. As baby bear said in the fabled story, they are “Just right”!
What a wonderful gift to give Christian and Jacob with their book, but these would be fantastic as gifts alone. Children love toys that match the characters in their books. I am sincerely impressed with these as well as the book series. I hope Ms. Mancini will eventually come out with all the characters as plush animals!


God’s Easter Miracles By Lee Ann Mancini

This is a dynamic children’s book for Easter and encompasses so many important subjects and makes them a part of the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. No Easter Bunny or association with him is mentioned; Christ as first place as He should be!
It is Easter and after attending church the Sea Kids gather for an egg hunt. Their Sunday school teacher tells them there are 3 special eggs that will win them a key to the prize box to pick a gift of their choice. Paul is autistic and when he doesn’t find a prize egg he becomes very upset. Jimmy finds 2 prize eggs and refuses to give on to Paul even when the teacher suggests it. He just doesn’t understand why he should. In the midst of all this excitement the pastor comes in with Brian manatee, announcing that his little brother Lenny was seriously injured. The next week the sea creatures gather to have a special prayer for Lenny who needs a miracle. Jimmy struggles with wanting to keep both prize eggs and giving one to Paul. He goes to his father for advice.
Prayer is such a strong theme in all of the Sea Kids Adventures books but very much so in this one. Children see how important it is to pray for those who are sick or hurt. All the sea adults coming together for prayer further establishes its importance. With autism becoming very prevalent among children today I thought it was wonderful the author introduced Paul to the story. These children and their behavior are often misunderstood by their peers and adults. I was happy to see all the students accepted, included and even helped Paul. Jimmy asks his Dad if he should give Paul one of his eggs because he was autistic. His Father told him that he was just as special to God as his friend was. If he gave Paul one of his eggs it should only because he wanted to be kind to his friend! Wow! Jimmy prays that night and asks Jesus into his heart. The purpose of Christ’s death, sacrifice and resurrection for our sins is beautifully expressed throughout the book. . I appreciate there was no Easter Bunny mentioned. I believe it take from Christ and replace Him in the eyes of little ones.
I will be using all of this series of books in my Sunday school class. Without a doubt I will be reading them many times with my youngest grandson throughout the years. After his parents trying 13 years to have him, and with no medical intervention he was born 4 days before Easter! He is a miracle to our family!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions stated are my own.