The Secret Language of Dogs By Victoria Stilwell

Hands down Victoria is my favorite all time dog trainer. Her no nonsense approach combined with kindness above all continually impresses me. I love my dog, Bill. He is my pal and my companion. It would be a lonely dull life without him. He adoringly looks at me and follows me everywhere I go. Our pets are so in tune to us I think sometimes we assume we are the same wavelength in the way we view things. It is easy to attribute human characteristics to our fur babies that just aren’t possible.
Not that we do it purposely but it does happen, I know I have done it.
The fact is a dog is a dog no matter how much we love them. While this book had some common knowledge, the larger portion of it gave me a greater understanding of what makes Bill tick. It shifted my “all about me” viewpoint of our relationship to seeing not only our interactions through his eyes, but also interpreting his actions and signals I have been missing.
She reveals special aspects of different doggy personalities. From the special meaning of tail wagging to vocalization and everything in between you will learn how your dog is trying to communicate with you his or her way.
I absolutely LOVED the dog pictures. The special charts, illustrations, and tips were great! I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to using what I have learned to make Bill’s life happier and our relationship better.
I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


When There Is No Miracle By Robert L. Wise

This book gives help to shed light on the age old questions so many have asked. Why didn’t God answer my prayers? Why didn’t God heal my loved one? Why does God allow suffering and pain when He can take it away? These are deep heartfelt searches for answers, but sometimes the answers we want do not come.
With our limited abilities as flesh and blood all we can see is our sorrow and distress, and need for relief. God is all knowing and all powerful and sees a much bigger picture, an eternal one.
The author helps guide us to open our minds and hearts to God’s purpose and working past our expectations of delivering the miracle we so desperately need and want. He addresses this through scripture and real life accounts. In doing so I felt he balanced human emotions with God’s truth. What he shares helps prevent us from looking at God as genie in a bottle waiting to grant our wishes. He approaches this issue directly but with the compassion of someone who had been there relates to where we are. While some might see book as depressing I found it hopeful. It beautifully reminded me that no matter what I face or how God chooses to answer, faith and trust in Him is all I need. I found this book encouraging and enlightening.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Kregel Publications. My comments are an independent and honest review.