Last Night I Died By John Orr

The basis of this story is true, scriptures from the Bible concerning what God tells us about spending eternity in Hell and what Hell is like. The fictional part is about a “good” man who thought he was a child of God but upon dying found out he was not. There is no way we can even fathom the horrors of eternal punishment, but the author does an incredible job of graphically describing what Hell might be like based on the Bible. I do not believe this was written as a scare tactic but as an honest warning to those who are not prepared to meet eternity.
This book may be small but it is powerful! The Christians that read it will be lead to make sure they truly know the Lord as their Savior, and/or feel an urgency to share the gospel with those around them! You will want to share this book and to read for yourself. I feel it is appropriate for older teens and adults but not children.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Start2Finish Books, through the review program which requires an honest though not necessarily positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR Title 16. Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


An Uncomplicated Life By Paul Daugherty

This book can be summed up in four words: courage, perseverance, sacrifice, and love! I was touched by Paul’s story about his daughter Jillian in so many ways. Having had a child born with physical challenges and in the beginning we were told mental also (which later proved very wrong), I could relate to the Daugherty’s beliefs. We determined to help our child be all that they could be within their abilities and to stretch their even in those areas. We refused to give up and accept medicine’s status qua for their life. That choice was criticized by many but had far reaching results in their adult life.
I applaud Paul and his wife for looking outside the box and helping Jillian have the life she deserved, not the life others thought she should have. Their love was apparent in the unfaltering battle to help their daughter not only in her education but preparing her for adulthood.
In working with Downs Syndrome children and even other children born with disabilities, it is heartbreaking to see parents give up from the beginning of the diagnosis. I have seen parents even worsen the situation by focusing on what is wrong with the child, pitying and coddling them. Instead of not looking to their future by helping them develop the best of their capabilities. This is what the author and his wife did.
Jillian was raised to believe in and accept herself. Not as the world saw her but as she truly was. Her parents showed tough love to help her grow. They respected her as an individual and a person by allowing her own decisions in areas she could. The Daugherty labored on past their frustration and exhaustion in dealing with professionals and authorities who were determined to keep their daughter in the Downs Syndrome “box”. What Jillian accomplished is incredible.
While this is not on a negative note at all, this after all was his story. But did not agree with the choice the author made for his daughter preparing her for marriage.
You have to read this book! Yes, it is a beautiful story about Jillian, her life, and the battle her parents fought for her, but it is much much more! A wonderful book with many lessons for all of us to learn!
I received this book at no charge from Harper Collins Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.

Water Infusions Refreshing, Detoxifying and Healthy Recipes for Your Home Infuser Dr. Mariza Snyder and Dr. Lauren Clum

I was very excited to find this book! About 2 years ago, after five years of falling off the wagon and starting over and over again, I finally kicked the soda pop habit. No more sodas in any form, diet or otherwise. They all taste awful to me now! That’s the good part. The bad part is that with water as my main beverage, I don’t always do the best drinking enough. I’ve used lemons and limes to “spice” things up but it just wasn’t enough to keep me on track. This book was exactly what I needed!!
There are 75 different water infusion recipes. They are divided into Fruit and Veggie Infusions, Herbal, Fancy Infusions, Seasonal, Healing and even ice cube recipes! Thus far all the combinations are very good, and judging from the recipes, I think they all will be. I appreciate having so many different selections to choose from! All the ingredients were easy to find and making the infusions was super simple
I liked the fact that not only did the recipes offer me tasty water beverages to enjoy, but there were options that also helped me in the area of my health. A definite win win deal! In addition, I want to drink more water!
The trend today to be proactive concerning our well-being, by making sure what we put into our bodies is not only wholesome, chemical free, and not processed. This is a fantastic book! I highly recommend it to any striving for a healthier lifestyle!
I received this book free from the Ulysses Press in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.

The Methuselah Project By Rick Barry

I wasn’t sure about reading this book as it was by a man, and I thought it would be too “macho” for me. I also never read sci-fi but after reading the back of the book I was curious. I am so glad decided to give it a chance.
It is WWII, 1943 and Captain Roger Green, already a hero in his own right, is doing what he loves most, flying. After many successful missions, he is shot down over enemy territory and with his piloting skills averts what could have been a fatal crash. He thinks he will go into survival mode and be rescued but finds himself quickly captured and whisked away to an unusual prison. There he finds himself and a handful of other men, as part of an evil experiment. It is top secret even among the Nazi’s.
When the prison is bombed by Allied forces, Roger not only survives but completely heals. Roger becomes priceless to them as a human guinea pig because he is proof what they are trying to achieve worked: a human that can live forever. Over the next 70 years he is kept like a caged animal. Is only human contact is a few scientists. This gave him a great deal of time to examine his relationship with God he had abandoned years ago.
Finally through a suspenseful escape, he returns to America in the year 2015. He is a modern day Rip Van Winkle. Being in a time warp is the least of his worries. He is still in great danger. A young woman, Katherine who is trying to rescue him, has no clue she is his enemy and neither does he.
This story is electrifying! We know technology has moved ahead rapidly in a short time, but do we ever stop to think how much? Seeing the 21st century through the eyes someone from the 1940’s was shocking. To make it even harder, Roger couldn’t share his story with anyone as it was too insane. Who would believe him? He had no identification, and everyone he knew was dead, or so he thought. His newly renewed faith was put into action right away!
This book has so many things going for it. It is well written, super action filled, historical, and exciting! I had trouble putting it down and read it in record time. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Barry’s books! Trust me; you do want to read this book!
I received a copy of this book free from Kregel Publishing. I was not required to give a positive review. The opinions I have stated are my own.