An Uncomplicated Life By Paul Daugherty

This book can be summed up in four words: courage, perseverance, sacrifice, and love! I was touched by Paul’s story about his daughter Jillian in so many ways. Having had a child born with physical challenges and in the beginning we were told mental also (which later proved very wrong), I could relate to the Daugherty’s beliefs. We determined to help our child be all that they could be within their abilities and to stretch their even in those areas. We refused to give up and accept medicine’s status qua for their life. That choice was criticized by many but had far reaching results in their adult life.
I applaud Paul and his wife for looking outside the box and helping Jillian have the life she deserved, not the life others thought she should have. Their love was apparent in the unfaltering battle to help their daughter not only in her education but preparing her for adulthood.
In working with Downs Syndrome children and even other children born with disabilities, it is heartbreaking to see parents give up from the beginning of the diagnosis. I have seen parents even worsen the situation by focusing on what is wrong with the child, pitying and coddling them. Instead of not looking to their future by helping them develop the best of their capabilities. This is what the author and his wife did.
Jillian was raised to believe in and accept herself. Not as the world saw her but as she truly was. Her parents showed tough love to help her grow. They respected her as an individual and a person by allowing her own decisions in areas she could. The Daugherty labored on past their frustration and exhaustion in dealing with professionals and authorities who were determined to keep their daughter in the Downs Syndrome “box”. What Jillian accomplished is incredible.
While this is not on a negative note at all, this after all was his story. But did not agree with the choice the author made for his daughter preparing her for marriage.
You have to read this book! Yes, it is a beautiful story about Jillian, her life, and the battle her parents fought for her, but it is much much more! A wonderful book with many lessons for all of us to learn!
I received this book at no charge from Harper Collins Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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