The Midnight Saint By Mitchel Whitington

Adam is contacted by an angel, named Saint Lucia. She informs him she will be visiting him for the next 12 nights, and then he will die. Each night he may ask one question about death but he may not ask how his will come about. He of course is frightened and confused. He wants to make the most of his last 11 days, so he begins to take stock of his life and his relationships, especially with God. He works to get all his ducks in a row, so to speak, concerning his earthly matters. Then he focuses on spending time with his wife and daughter in the way he should have all along. Faced with his demise he is also faced with the years he wasted and how precious his life is.
When I first wanted to read this book, I thought it was Christian fiction, but now I would just have to rate it as fiction. I must admit was uncomfortable with the mixing of biblical truths with fantasy. For example, Lucia was to have lived a previous life. Scripture states that angels are angels and men are men. They do not become angels after death.
While the story gives the assumption that Adam will go to heaven, nowhere is salvation by accepting Christ mentioned. I was surprised there were curse words in a book proclaiming a religious theme. God’s name is even used in vain. I felt the same way Adam’s intimate relationship with his wife. While not explicit, was somewhat descriptive. The story was interesting and easy to read. The ending caught me by surprise. The theme was a great reminder to live every day to the fullest with our loved ones and serving God, because we never know when it might be our time to meet him.
I received this book free from Bookcrash and 23 House Publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


Blessing by Lyn Cote

This is another wonderful book in Lyn Cote’s “Quaker Bride Series”. This book is entirely different than her 1st one, “Honor”. I applaud her in that because too often books in a series have a great deal of similarities in the story line.
The story is rich in historical detail of the 1800’s, concerning strong beliefs and activities of the Abolitionists and Suffragettes movements, and also those who opposed them.
Blessing Brightman was not your typical Quaker woman. She rebelled against her parents and married a wealthy society man, only to find her a widow. Not only had she been accepted to society, but she also inherited a great deal of money. She was passionate about using her wealth to help others. She was a part of the Underground Railroad, had a home for orphaned children, and went into the seediest parts of town to rescue women in prostitution. One thing I so admired about Blessing is how she was highly respected and accepted among the elite, yet she was true to God and her beliefs. She dressed expensively, but modestly and tastefully. She was not afraid to speak the truth where it was needed. I love, love, loved the cover. The stunningly beautiful woman on the front is exactly like what I would imagine Blessing looking like.
Gerald Ramsay stood for everything Blessing did not. He was disinherited by his harsh and distant father. This fuels his desire to prove him wrong by creating his own wealth, by whatever means necessary, even illegally. He is bitter, selfish, strong dislikes outspoken women, and is totally against women’s rights and abolishing slavery. They meet when he comes to Cincinnati to prevent his cousin from marrying a suffragette, who happens to be Blessing’s best friend.
Saying they clash is an understatement. Yet they continue to be thrown together in different situations. Blessing, much to Gerald’s chagrin, stands her ground. It is beautiful as the story unfolds to see deeper into the minds and hearts of the characters. Also to watch Blessing’s testimony and life begin to change Gerald’s heart not only toward her but in many other areas. There is excitement, surprises, and action. This book was so good I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. finishing it! The historical notes by the author at the end were exceptional! I anxiously await the next book in the series, “Faith” to be published in 2016!
I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.