1 Peter: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times – Week 1

As I studies Lesson one this week and it touched on the opposition we face as Christians.  Situations I have felt rejected for my faith is when visiting people in their homes and sharing Christ.  Either they were hostile at the front door as soon as they knew you were a Christian or they were welcomed in immediately.  There didn’t seem to be much middle ground as far as reactions I have experienced there.  I would just apologize for disturbing them and move on. 

I have felt disenfranchised when I would be visiting with a person and as soon as they found out I was a Christian they would shut down and want to end our conversation.  I would remain friendly and let them operate at the comfort level best for them.

It main seem strange but the greatest mistreatment I have received for my Christian standards and beliefs is from those who profess to be Christians!  Even those within churches.  Many times it was those who were compromising with the world or under conviction.  All I can do is remain positive and keep a smile on my face.  When they ask I in a kind and humble way share why I believe what I do and conduct my life accordingly.

I love the reminder, (one that is always needed) about how trials bring about blessings.  Over and over in my life I have seen the Lord strengthen me, prepare me to help others and make the way for great things through trials that could not have otherwise happened.

The Living Stone Story touched me on a very deep level.  I related in a very personal way.  When my husband was 25 and we had a 2 yr and 1 yr. old, he had triple bypass surgery. They told him he had the heart of a 75-year-old man and had 6-8 years to live.  13 years later he had a heart attack and we were told by the surgeon that they would probably go in and just end up doing nothing given the previous condition of his heart.  They bypassed two of the bypasses.   22 years later ( 2 years ago) he went into heart failure and tests revealed there were not more arteries in his heart other than a couple of 20-year-old bypasses.  At that time they gave him 4 years to an artificial heart, it has been two years.  We do not know what the future holds and yes there are times I am afraid, but I have that peace in my heart that God is in control.  My prayer of course is for many more years.  I praise the Great physician for His mercy, grace, healing, and strength.  Yes God is faithful!