Sea Glass Cottage By Irene Hannon

I am still working on reading all the Hope Harbor book series!  With each one I find myself back at the little seaside town.  It gives me a warm cozy feeling with that little town atmosphere where residents are close and caring.  I wish it really existed, but since it doesn’t I am content to escape into the pages and visit. The author’s beautiful descriptions of the streets, businesses, and sea side make me feel as if I am really there.  *sigh*

Christi Reece was once a wealthy, spoiled socialite with the world at her feet.  Through many hardships and losses, she is a poor, hardworking young woman that finds herself in a difficult situation and in need of money.  Her last resort is to humble herself and go to her ex-boyfriend Jack Colby to ask for a loan.  This takes a great deal of courage as she very deeply hurt him and they have not seen each other in 11 years!

Jack remembers the old Christi and does not realize she has become a Christian and is totally opposite of the girl he once loved. He just wants her to leave! I love how Christi’s new life in Christ shines through with her patient, gentle, sweet spirit. I found it exciting to see how the Lord continues to guide and provide for her as she trusts Him with impossible situations.  It was beautiful to see Jack’s bitter unforgiving attitude be changed by her testimony.

Of course one of my favorite characters, Charley the artist and fish taco truck owner is still there.  I always enjoy how he does the Lord’s work with wisdom and clever insight.  Christi and Jack aren’t the only residents of Hope Harbor that God is working to restore their romance and relationship. I also enjoyed the surprises along the way. I am looking forward to the next book and my next visit! 

I received this book from Revell Publishers through early reader program.  The opinions stated are my own.


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