God Made It All! By Ruthie Godfrey

I consulted to of my “professional” listeners before doing this review: my grandsons ages 4 years and 2 years.  I know what I liked about the book but more important what did they think!

Children love learning about opposites.  Ms. Godfrey’s book made it fun and also puts God front and center, the One who created opposites!

I was impressed with the beautiful, colorful illustrations that fill every inch of every page.  Each opposite is composed of 2 pages of artwork.  I liked that each was only 1 sentence; this keeps the “little’s” attention and doesn’t overwhelm them.  Yet our reading was not fast as they took much time scanning the pictures and pointing out details.  If I am not mistaken I counted 21 different examples of opposites.  I was pleased with this as it introduced the boys to way more than you would usually think of!

I asked them which their favorite was and to my surprise it was the one about food, “sweet and sour, messy and neat”.  This will definitely be reread, again, again and again. . .   Once they like a book it must be read several times a day for quite a while.

Yes the book teaches opposites but first and foremost it teaches these precious children that God is the Creator of ALL THINGS.


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