When the Meadow Blooms  By Ann H. Gabhart

One of the things I love about Ms. Gabhart’s books is the stories and characters are so different!  She always has such unique and original storylines and characters. 

Rose Meadows has had a hard life.  She is now a widow and has to young girls to care for.  She has been left destitute and on top of that she has tuberculosis.  It was 1925 and the only treatment for the disease was admission to a TB hospital where the patient received healthy food, fresh air and rest.  The average stay was 6 – 9 months, but poor Rose had been there 2 years.  With no other alternative she had to place her girls in an orphanage until she was well.  She has had all she can of the separation and wants to leave, but where will she go and how will she support her children?

She has no family, and the only person she can turn to is her deceased husband brother, Dirk, whom she has only met once.  Without either of them knowing her and her oldest daughter write him asking to come and stay at the family farm.  He comes to their rescue, but it is not as simple as that.  Dirk is a loner and has many things from his past to heal from.

This book was such a beautiful example of how God can heal anyone’s heart.  Each character had trauma and only the Lord could restore their hearts and lives.  Rose’s sweet patient spirit with the surly distant Dirk was a beautiful example persevering and trusting God when dealing with difficult people.  She saw in him what he could not see in himself.  Her acceptance of her weakened health and gratefulness for what the Lord had provided is inspirational.

 I loved the courage of the girls in facing their insecurities and fears.  How I wish I had Sienna’s joyful attitude and ability to focusing on the beauty of what was around her. 

Be ready to cry, rejoice and be surprised at the many developments in their relationships as God works to restore their lives! Another wonderful book from the author!  I can’t wait to read her next one!

I received this book from Revell Publishers through www.Librarything.com early reader program.  The opinions stated are my own.


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