The Worst Christmas Ever By Kathleen Long Bostrom

If your family has the tradition of wrapping up Christmas and reading one a day until Christmas day, you will want to add this one to your list! I really liked the illustrations. Not only are they colorful but the characters and their expressions are very appealing. I think their visual quality really added to the story.
Matthew thinks he will have the worst Christmas ever. His family has moved to California, new home, new school, no friends, a new church and no snow! I am assuming from his disappointment that there will be no snow, they have moved from a state with a much colder climate. Everything was different, too different. His family volunteers to be in their new church’s live nativity, not Matthew’s choice either. To make matters worse, his dog Jasper runs away! Many days without his faithful companion leaves Matthew feeling very low on Christmas Eve. The book ends in special surprise one that helps Matthew see Christmas isn’t about the physical trappings but something much more important. A unique and meaningful holiday book.


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