Stories behind the Songs and Hymns about Heaven By Ace Collins

No doubt about it I love hymns. They are not about entertainment but worship. This book was not only inspiring but so informative! There are the stories of 30 hymns included. All but 5 I have either sung as a special or in congregational singing. We sing hymns over and over in church. They have become familiar and a fabric of our song services, but we have little idea about their background. Each hymn has the scripture that it relates to its special story and how it can apply to us today. I appreciate the author’s attention to detail in researching these beautiful songs. Knowing the trials, heart aches and tests of faith that moved these men to pen these famous words definitely puts them in a different light to me. These were ordinary Christians reaching out to God from their hearts and spirits. I will never sing them again without thinking of their roots and deeper meaning. Their message to me will be much more than words on a page and the personal feelings they evoke. This would be a wonderful devotion book, study book, or something for the song leaders to share during the service.
I received this book from Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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