Kit Kat and Lucy By Lonnie Hull DuPont

When we lived in the country we had lots of cats. They each had very distinct personalities and they never ceased to amuse or surprise us. I am an animal lover, any kind of animal. I was drawn to this book by the cover and of course the fact that was a personal story about a person’s beloved pets. I have to admit I was a bit concerned. Many books like this are, well to put it politely, boring and mundane. Also my past experience with several has been the author talking more about themselves than the pet the book is supposed to be about.
This book was anything but boring! I found it entertaining, humorous and I learned many new things I did not know about cats and why the act the way they do. The author had the perfect balance in sharing personal history about herself and her beloved cats. They complimented each other.
Kit Kat and Lucy were both rescues that found the DuPont’s. Like most felines they waltzed into their lives and claimed the family lock, stock, and barrel. I applaud Ms. DuPont for her openness about her depression and anxiety. The story wrapped around my heart about how Kit Kat and Lucy responded in very sensitive and amazing ways to comfort and uplift her. Ways that only a pet owner would believe and understand. I related as since my husband’s death, I for the first time experience panic attacks. My dog Bill helps me with his show of canine concern and love. The cat’s antics and manipulation of their “skin parents” were hilarious. For me it proved the old saying, “You don’t own cats, they own you.” This book was a joy and a blessing to read!!
I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions are my own.


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