Cheaters Never Prosper By Julia Cook

This book addresses a much needed subject with children – CHEATING! Not just in school but anywhere. As with all her books the subject is presented in a fun, interesting way that children can relate to. Great illustrations and the story written in rhyme are wonderful attention grabbers.
Some children don’t know cheating is wrong; others do and use it as an easy way to get the rewards or avoid unpleasant consequences. The sad thing is if a child cheats they will grow into an adult that does. Once someone cheats in one area it will spread to other areas of their lives. That is why I am so pleased to see Ms. Cook’s book on this subject so children can learn early.
Noodle has fallen into the cheating trap already in many parts of his young life. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it and uses the dishonesty of others as an excuse (sound familiar). I love what his mother says, “You can’t control what others do, Noodle, but cheating is a HUGE deal to you!” Mom covers the many reasons people may choose to cheat and how easy it is to continue doing it once you start. She shows beyond a doubt that cheating is NEVER the answer.
Noodle and Mom discuss ways he can break this bad habit and make things right with those he has wrong.
At the end of the book she shares 11 tips to help a child stop cheating. All are very insightful and helpful! This book is a part of Ms. Cook’s “Responsible Me” Series. A great way to help children build character!


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