Lucifer’s Harvest By Mel Starr

When Mel Starr writes a new book I cannot wait to read it! His books are unique to historical novels with settings in the 1400’s. An era you rarely see written about in fiction especially Christian fiction. I never cease to learn something new. His research has yielded such detail about every aspect of that time that people come to life. I especially am fascinated my Hugh de Singleton’s occupation as a surgeon and doctor. His mysteries continuously keep me guessing who the guilty party is and I never cease to be surprised! Also, his wonderful sense of humor adds even more entertainment.
Lord Gilbert Talbot, Hugh de Singletons’ employer is always assigning him jobs that have nothing to do with medicine. Hugh must oblige of course. In this story, he is taken to battle with Lord Gilbert. In war someone with medical knowledge and skills will be needed. He does not want to leave his family and knows the risk he might not return is real. This is definitely out of his comfort zone.
A far different setting than his other books, gives readers an opportunity to see how battles were conducted during that time and the lives of soldiers. It is 1370 and Prince Edward has called all soldiers and knights to battle to reclaim British territory that the King of France has seized.
Hugh must not only be cautious about being so near the battle, but also watch his back from an old enemy, knight, Sir Simon Trillowe. Sir Simon hates Hugh and holds a bitter grudge. When Sir Simon is found dead, his father and friends point the finger at Hugh as the murderer. In their eyes no one else has a motive. Lord Gilbert supports him and believes in his innocence. As usual he sends Hugh to find the murderer, except this time he is the suspect!! Quite a twist!
Sleuthing is a bit more challenging for the surgeon this time, being unfamiliar with the new area and not knowing anyone. None the less he sets out with great determination to clear his name. It was interesting to also learn the affects war had on civilians during that time. I am always impressed with Hugh’s commitment to God in all his conduct. He does not hesitate to treat and care for his enemies. I love his integrity.
My only complaint about this book is that it was shorter than the others. I would be happy if Mr. Starr would write one the size of “War and Peace”, but that would just leave me wanting more books. At the end of the book was the first chapter of his new upcoming book “Deeds of Darkness”. Looking forward to it! Another great book Mr. Starr! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Kregel Publications. My comments are an independent and honest review.


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