Door to the North By Elizabeth Coatsworth

It is 1360 AD., and King Magnus Eirikson is monarch over Sweden and Norway. His lands are vast and far stretching. Communications and travel in this era are very slow as you can imagine. An alarming report reaches his majesty. One of the farthest areas of his domain, Greenland, has return to heathen worship and his Western Settlement has strangely been abandoned. Homes, farms, and churches are left empty.
He sends Paul Knutson and 40 of his best men to confirm if this is true.
If you haven’t heard of Bethlehem books, you are missing a treasure of wholesome historical adventure stories for children of all ages! Young Olav is sailing with them. His goal is to clear his father’s name after being falsely accused of pagan worship, and to prove his valor. He is young but very courageous and determined. The travel is dangerous and difficult. By sea and by land it is very slow. The author does a brilliant job of taking the reader back into this perilous time in history. The ease of our modern comforts makes life in these times unimaginable! I enjoyed experiencing what it was like to live and travel in the 14th century. It made me thankful to live in this day and time! Along with a wonderful lesson in history, there was a lot of adventure and suspense. It is rare to find fictional books written about this era but especially for children. Bethlehem books are a wealth of wholesome reading material for all ages!
I received this book free from Bethlehem Books in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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