Yes, Dear, There Really is a Devil Chris Rader & Johnnie Coley

Yes, Dear, There Really is a Devil
By Chris Rader & Johnnie Coley
This is the first book have ever seen for very young children about the devil. I applaud the authors! There are books about angels, Jesus, Heaven and God, and rightfully so. But Satan is a real and our enemy; therefore our little ones should know about him according scripture. If we as Christian parents so not teach this, they will have the world’s view of him; red suit, horns, and rather silly. It would be easy for him to become a cartoon or mythical character to them.
There are several things to like about this book. First and foremost for me is the fact that they introduce just enough information for small hearts and minds to grasp. I definitely was happy to see scripture included! This was not in the King James Version though and that is my personal preference. It is written in rhyme which always helps children comprehend. The explosively bright colors and realistic characters will spark interest. I also feel that some of the realism may be too frightening for youngsters. We want to warn them not scare them about Satan’s wiles. Also one page insinuated that one might lose their salvation. It reads, “There’s so much to do, so many choices to make, better make it good because your soul is at stake.” This may not have been the intent of the author’s but that was my understanding of it.
Over all the book is very good, but due to the last two things I mentioned I would not be comfortable reading it to a little child.
I received this book free from Hopkins Publishing as part of the BookCrash program, in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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