Beyond the Silence By Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Lillian Porter was not your typical wealthy young woman. Being orphaned as an infant and raised by her affluent, doting grandparents, she had lived a very sheltered and privileged life. After the death of his wife, her grandfather had become a bitter, angry man who did not want her out of his sight or even to leave the house. Lillian longed to serve and help others. Against her grandfather’s wishes she accepts a job from an ad to be a nanny to a young boy that did not speak. Determined to go where she believed God was leading, she took the job even though her grandfather disowned her.
She travels to an olive farm in California to work for Woody, caring for his son Jimmy. This was a drastic change for her; from the big city of Indianapolis and servants at her beck and call, to a rural olive farm in Angels Camp, California! Ms. Porter was totally undeterred and excited about this new chapter in her life. Upon arrival she finds her new employer has been accused of the murder of his wife and is ostracized by the entire town!
Her fears are put aside once she meets Woody, his longtime house keeper Mrs. Goodman and of course little Jimmy. She learns his silence began after his mother died. Jimmy has his reasons and no would be able to guess why! Her positive effects on the household and Jimmy are immediate. Though he continues not to speak. She quickly becomes a part of the family. Her love grows by leaps and bounds for Jimmy, Mrs. Goodman and Woody. Little do they know the dangers they facing or the problems ahead. The book is full of surprises!
I love Lillian’s courage and spunk. She has such character and fortitude! I liked how the authors made God the center the individuals lives and collectively as a household. They were a reminder that even the strongest faith can be questioned or doubted in extremely difficult times; real trust in God always shines through! This book is beautifully written, a real page turner!!
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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