Sometimes We Have No Choice By Marilyn Starzer

When I finished this book, it was so moving that I hugged it to my chest and tears filled my eyes. It isn’t a suspenseful novel but it is a romance story in a way. Not as the world exhibits it, but the kind of true love that transcends problems, difficulties, and continuing to give to your spouse when you have nothing left to give. Simply written and transparently honest, it is one woman’s story of dealing with life after her beloved husband’s stroke. This is a true story!
I had the privilege of getting to meet and know Marilyn when I attended Grief Recovery Method and she was the grief specialist to my group. When I heard she had written a book, I knew I had to read it! She shared a few things that I recognized in the book, but her story in its entirety is mind boggling. Looking back, I am amazed that the beautiful, compassionate, kind, tranquil woman that sat before me all those weeks and endured so much. And here she was helping me through the devastating loss of my husband.
She told me she wrote the book with the purpose of helping others who care for loved ones who have suffered strokes. There is so much to learn and many unexpected challenges. She had no clue when she started her journey what lay ahead in a great number of areas she would be required to deal with.
Although I have never had the responsibility of caring for a stroke survivor, the book spoke to me in numerous ways. When one tragedy in life happens, there may be others and you just have to keep going. When you are depleted physically, mentally, and spiritually, you cry out to God and keeping going. Caring for someone you love with several medical problems can make you feel alone, no matter how many people are there to support you. I realized in my own life, that it is painful to let go of the healthy person you knew and accept the changes that are taking place.
As the title says; Sometimes We Have No Choice. Even if you are not faced with any of these situations you will want to read this book. Ms. Starzer is a courageous woman that will inspire you!


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