50 Things You Need to Know About Satan and Demons By Mark H. Muska

I read the author’s book, 50 Things You Need to Know about Heaven, and was impressed. Therefore, I was intrigued to read this book. I began it with a cautious note, as there is so much false information out there about this subject. With the spiritual state our world is in today, Satan and his demons have been glamorized, their evil, and power minimized, or underestimated by being made light of.
I have no desire to deeply study satanic information. In the Bible God tells us He wants us to be “simple” concerning evil. (Romans16:19) That does not mean I stick my head in the sand and pretend the world of darkness does not exist. It does! I only need to know what God’s Word says about it.
The author covers 50 common questions most people have about Satan and his realm. What I appreciated most was that his answers were not just his view point but backed up solidly by scripture, and lots of it! He also did not go to the extreme in looking at the subject, but stuck to what that was needed to know most. It was an easy read, well written, and very educational on this subject. A great book to study with adults and teens! Especially with young people, I want to answer their questions but not wet their appetite to know too much, as the occult holds a fascination for young people today.
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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