The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety By William J. Knaus

I had never in my life experienced full blown panic attacks until the loss of two loved ones a year apart. Yes I had had anxiety, but not the heart pounding, dizzy, out of control, feeling like I am going to die kind. It was terrifying! As much as would have liked a quick fix, there was no such thing. This book is a real blessing. I didn’t need a book to tell me what was wrong with me, but one that would show me what to do.
The book is great! As I read it, time and time again, I had these thoughts,
“Yes someone understands!”
“No I’m not crazy!”
“I am not the only one feeling this way!”
First of all there was not a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo. It was easy for someone without a PhD to understand. It reminded me that all feelings and actions begin with a thought. The extreme physical and emotional symptoms I was experiencing hindered me from remembering that. It also taught me what was actually happening to me physically during anxiety. By understanding this, it took the “claws” out of the bear I was dealing with. The workbook didn’t give me the idea of unrealistic, instant results, but that overcoming was a process and would take work on my part. Then in great detail it guided me step by step. There are many written exercises that help you take a good hard look at exactly where your anxiety is coming from, and concrete applications to implement each day. If you have a setback you can always return to the previous lesson and do it again.
By having the written workbook that keeps record of your thoughts and progress, you can go back and see how far you have come. Or, you can go back and review what you have learned when you repeat challenges you have previously had.
A great book! I highly recommend it for anyone grappling with anxiety!
I received this book free from New Harbinger Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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