Anna’s Crossing By Suzanne Woods Fisher

So many Amish fiction books are set in the present time. This one is unique in that it is historical Amish fiction. The Charming Nancy was a real ship that actually crossed the Atlantic in 1737 with a group of Amish and Mennonite believers coming to America. They sailed from Rotterdam in April and arrived in Philadelphia in October of the same year. A 7 month voyage! Traveling by ship during that time was no walk in the park! It was fraught with danger and suffering. Many ships and their occupants perished. A frightening fact that those who sailed knew was real possibility. There was lack of provisions, illness; great discomfort, and death, many of them children. The passengers rode beneath the ship with little fresh air or daylight. A walk on the deck was a rare treat, due to the hazards involved. With them in their tight quarters were all their belongings and animals. Vomiting from sea sickness and the stench of urine and feces was unbearable. Sickness and disease spread quickly in the unsanitary conditions. The Amish/ Mennonites faced even more hardships. They were ridiculed, discriminated against, and taken advantage of financially. Greedy captains charged outrageous prices for food, and passage. In addition they grossly overcrowded the ship with no thought of the safety or comfort of the passengers. Few were able to speak English. This is just a small part of what Anna, her family and fellow believers faced. Add to this these innocent, God fearing people had been in little contact with the world. Now they were thrown head first into it with unscrupulous people and bawdy sailors. A culture shock to say the least! Ms. Fisher does an incredible job of allowing the reader to join these pilgrims on their journey. Her descriptiveness is vivid. My chest tightened and I held my breath at times reading about their experiences. This was definitely and eye-opener! With all the history and detail the author weaves an exciting and personal story of the characters she has created. There are many surprises along the way. A must read! After reading an excerpt included at the end, of Ms. Fisher’s upcoming book, The Impostor, I anxiously await its publication. It will be a first in her new series, The Bishop’s Family. I received this book free from Revell Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have stated are my own. I


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