A Lady in Attendance By Rachel Fordham

Rachel was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth; wealthy, entitled, and reckless.  None of this helped her when she found herself being accused of a crime she did not commit.  Shipped off to a reformatory to serve her time, she found out what life was really about.  Upon her release she had nowhere to go and no money.  Rachel’s goal was to clear her and her family’s name of this injustice.

Instead of having a pity party she applies for a job at Dr. Gilbert’s dentistry office to be his lady in attendance.  What we call dental technicians now.  I had no clue there was such a position back then.  The thought of going to the dentist in the late 1890’s gives me the heebie jeebies!   No deadening, crude tools, you get the picture.

Gilbert was a solid, kindhearted, shy man who did not want to have any attachments to the opposite sex.  Yet, vivacious Hazel changes all that.  Her true character blossoms in her new job, diligent, caring and unassuming.  Gilbert finds himself becoming happier and more outspoken (in a good way).  Friendship turns to romance.  As he becomes involved with Hazel her story is brought to light and he purposes to help her restore her reputation.

As the story progressed, I couldn’t put the book down!  Each step revealed a deeper part of the mystery that surrounded Hazel’s predicament.  I had to turn the next page because I couldn’t stand the suspense! 

I loved Hazel’s spirit of forgiveness and courage to take responsibility for her choices.  She felt it would be impossible to repair the damage her foolishness had done to her life and her family but God was working to show her that nothing is impossible with Him.  The Lord sends just who she needs to move toward a solution.

There are lots of surprises and excitement along the way.  Trust me; you want to read this book!

I received this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated are my own.


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