At Lighthouse Point By Suzanne Woods Fisher

I was very excited to read this new book in the “Three Sister’s Island” series! I enjoyed the others so much!  The family has settled on the island and it has become their home. Paul is still working to develop Camp Kicking Moose into a success.

Blaine has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Pairs and returns home excited and anticipating making her dreams come true by turning the camp fine dining destination. Many surprises await her, come good and some not so good.  Her sisters are both married and pregnant.  They have settled into comfortable lives and work.  She is forced back into the reality with her family, the business and life on the island.  Blaine is not prepared for some changes her family lovingly with her in mind.  They are equally surprised with a Frenchman named Jean Paul she brings home with no explanation of who he is or why.

I love this family!  They are so real!  Their interactions, drama, misunderstandings bring them to life.  With all of them, under one roof, it gets quite chaotic.  Add to the mix Blaine, Jean Paul and out of the blue Paul’s Dad shows up.  Each one has their own problems and struggles to work through some very serious.  Their love and desire to make the relationships succeed was refreshing.  No matter what their struggles they always worked it out.   I could relate so much with Maddie and her fears and anxiety concerning her husband Rick’s health issues. While I was happy to see many of the characters from previous books, the new one, Jean Paul was my favorite.  His ability to listen with his ears and his heart drew me to him.  I wish I could talk to him! He inspired me to become a better listener.  I liked the way he always directed them to God.  His saying, “Pray and release”, will stay with me in my life! His mishaps while sad are hilarious.  The author’s descriptiveness of the gorgeous scenery was beautiful.  I love nature.  The best part of the book was that through all the problems, heartaches, and even frightening events, the characters always turn to God for their strength and guidance.  I understand this is the last book of this series, but I so hope Ms. Fisher will write JUST one more!

I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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