Stitches in Time By Suzanne Woods Fisher

I was looking forward to this book, the second in Ms. Fisher’s series, The Deacon’s Family. After giving up his wild boy ways and turning back to God, Luke wins the hand Izzy, the one he truly loves and marries her. Though deeply in love, their marriage requires a lot of adjustment and it is no wonder with how very different the two are. In spite of his wayward youth, Luke finds himself chosen as a Deacon. He doesn’t feel capable of fulfilling this lifelong appointment. Izzy isn’t too happy about the title either as her husband is away from her most of the time. While growing in the Lord, She still has much healing to do from her childhood in foster care. When Luke attempts to fulfill and a promise to Amos lap, to find homes for all the foster children in the county, the conflicts between them grow.
Molly a sweet, young single woman and school teacher for the Amish community wants with all her heart to foster children and show them the love they have missed. She gets more than she wished for when she becomes foster mom to a set of twins that are constantly in trouble. Sam, Luke’s brother, is concerned about what Molly has gotten herself into and tries to help when problems arise. Both couples find themselves facing challenges they never have before.
I have enjoyed in both books Izzy’s love of her “woolies” (sheep) and the way God teaches her through them. Made me want a sweet lamb to put in the backyard! Whenever facing problems physical or emotional, the characters were confused and suffered, but always looked to God and trusted Him. The author does a wonderful job of showing that while difficulties did not immediately go away; they did not give up on the Lord. Molly reminded me of so many young people who have the zeal to follow what they believe to be God’s leading but have no clue of the price that will be exacted of them. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!


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