The Happy Camper By Melody Carlson

My heart always beats a little faster when I see Melody Carlson has a new book! I love how all her books have such different story lines. As always I was immediately drawn into the story and her characters.
Dillon Michael’s life takes a drastic turn in just one day. The put together, on track, organized career girl who is never impulsive leaves everything behind within a day. She breaks up with her boyfriend, quits her job and heads home to Oregon to the only true home she has ever known, her widowed grandfather’s farm.
She is excited about surprising him, but a few surprises await her too! Her mother, whom she calls Margot, (who was never much of a mother), has moved in too! Not only does she have to bear her mother’s bossiness, controlling attitude, and laziness, but finds herself sleeping on a very uncomfortable couch. Margot has moved into Dillon’s old room and isn’t going to budge!
Things look pretty dim until her grandfather gifts her a retro, tear-dropped shaped little trailer. This is just the lift Dillon needs. She throws herself into decorating it for her own place to live. She finds she has quite flair and might possibly make a business of it. She meets Jordan, owner of the hardware store which becomes a bigger plus that just his advice and help for her project. Dillon thinks this might be the start of something special, until someone from her past steps into her present. Dillon struggles with doubt and confusion.
I hated to have this book end. Dillon and her little trailer made me want to get one. It was such fun to read about all the details of her decorating it. Her close relationship with her grandfather and the descriptions of the farm were heartening. The small town atmosphere and activities gave me such a warm feeling. This was a fun and delightful read, a real escape from all that is going on.
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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