Five Brides By Eva Marie Everson

I am drawn into any book that is based on a true story as was this one! I so enjoyed this one! It is the 1950’s and things are changing in the world and society. Young women are choosing to leave home before marriage and have careers. This is about 5 such women. Combining their money to purchase an extravagantly expensive wedding gown they see while window shopping. Afterwards all made some very special promises and conditions to each other involving it.
Each is very different in personality and back ground which makes the book even more interesting! There is a wealthy rebellious socialite, a British expat, 2 totally opposite sisters from a small town and farm girl. Quite the mixture! I love the way the author captured their thoughts and emotions so intimately. These young ladies all were raised with strong morals and Christian values that were a part of that era. Yet as with all young people today striking out on their own, their new found freedom and the temptations the world has to offer can prove difficult to handle. Due to economic difficulty (except for one) and through various events they share an apartment together. What makes it even more interesting is that they have never met before! Their struggles and learning to adapt to a new home, friends, jobs, and maturing is played out beautifully by the author. I was impressed how they supported each other in their discoveries, and mistakes. There is so much to this book! You will not want to miss reading it!


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