Almost Home By Valerie Fraser Luesse

I am classifying this as a cozy, warm fuzzy read! The people, the setting, the story filled me with nostalgia. I was transported back to a difficult but simpler time, before technology invaded life. Being a southern girl I totally related to the hospitality, kind spirits and sweetened ice tea!! Add to all this mystery and you have a 5 star read!
Dolly and Si live in Alabama in a 100 year old home out in the “boonies”. They have turned it into a boarding house to make ends meet. It is WW2 and people have been wounded by the war in many ways. Families who have lost loved ones, soldiers returning with emotional and physical wounds, those who have lost jobs, homes, and finances. Everyone is hurting in some way. Dolly’s home was the perfect place for the eclectic mix of wounded hearts. They became a family and Dolly and Si like loving parents.
Her big southern breakfasts and home cooked meals brought everyone together around the table to share burdens and encourage one another, like in times past. Basking in her love and kindness I was delighted to see each of the characters to heal in their own way and time. Their individual stories were so varied that I found myself immersed in each of their lives.
I loved Dolly’s and the elderly neighbor’s homespun wisdom! I have marked the pages and am going to write them down to remember! Dolly’s homey letters to her sister Violet were delightful. It made me feel a bit like I was reading someone else’s mail! (No I don’t do that but I did enjoy it!) One strong thread that ran throughout the book was faith in God and waiting upon Him. I was so sad to have this book end. It was as if my visit was over and I had to leave Dolly and her wonderful home. I cannot wait to read more of Ms. Luesse’s books!
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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