Other Bodies By Joel Ohman

This is my first Dystopia genre read ever. I was curious about the book and had no idea what to expect. It was mind-boggling! Joel Ohman is a genius!!! This book is riveting and has many unexpected developments. Yes it is a controversial subject, and yes it may be disturbing to read, but he captures the raw truth about the abortion issue. Even as horrendous and disgusting the true procedure of abortion is, the author is tasteful and non-offensive in his writing. The book is fiction, and the story is well written and presented, but it is much more than just a novel.
Hattie is 16 year old girl on her own, with no family and no money. She was a caregiver to her beloved grandfather but he has died. She has landed a job at Managed Motherhood. The setting is far into the future; the exact date is not shown. Technology has jumped far ahead. Abortion is easier than ever. Robotics can do scans and abortions while the woman is distracted by her chosen virtual reality experience. She finds out she is pregnant during a demonstration with such a device. Guided by her abortion clinic colleagues she chooses to have an abortion. Her story does not end here. This reminds me of women today. They go to an abortion clinic to be educated about their CHOICE, but they not shown all the facts to make that decision, just influenced by pro-choice workers.
If all women contemplating abortion could see an ultrasound of their baby, hear its heartbeat, and be given all the factual information before making a decision, I feel the outcomes would be very different. The story shows that terminology serves to detach the mother emotionally from the precious child she is carrying. The baby becomes a “fetus” or a “pregnancy”. Whoever envisions cuddling one of those like they do an infant, toddler or child? The word “abortion” pricks at the conscience, but “terminating a pregnancy” dulls that conviction. I found it disheartening that due to the “Artificial Intelligence Discrimination in Employment Act”; the robots received more respect and care than the unborn children.
There is so much I want to share but am forced to limit it! While the future may have simplified this procedure the writer clearly shows the effects will ever be the same and just as intense. Those cannot be escaped. After over two decades as a minister’s wife, my husband and I spoke with many young women in Hattie’s situation. Mr. Ohman portrayed exactly the mental and emotional struggles we witnessed them facing. The conflict of justifying the choice or doing what they know is right in their heart. Sadly most of those girls chose the same answer Hattie did.
There were two points the author made that are stuck in my mind forever. If we found a single celled organism on Mars, it would be regaled as potential life. But an unborn child with a beating heart is not considered life or a person. How? Also the saying repeated throughout the book, “the body inside your body is not YOUR body.
Thank you Mr. Ohman for your courage, your insight, and your honesty! This book should be massively printed and put into the hands of very teenager and woman! I believe it should be required reading for all those considering abortion whether the person is pro-life or pro-choice! I can see “Other Bodies” being life changing and having a major impact on the Abortion Movement! Sorry for the long review this book is INCREDIBLE!!!
I received this book from Fly By Promotions in exchange for a honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.



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