Where We Belong By Lynn Austin

I am a great fan of Lynn Austin’s and collect her books. They are always well written and very entertaining. This book showcased once again her talent for writing. I found its style to be a bit different than in the past but the book was still a 5 star!
The story was made even more intriguing by the fact that it was based on a true story. Sister’s Rebecca and Flora Hawes lived during the 1800’s. Even in this day they would be a most unique and non-conventional pair, but more so in the era they lived. Women just didn’t do what they did, especially from those in upper society. From a young age they both loved to travel but especially the oldest Rebecca. Their widowed father raised them to be self-sufficient, educated and has a strong faith in God. Through smart investing he became an incredibly wealthy man. Upon his death, their inheritance made them rich beyond imagination. Unlike most people they did not squander it nor were they prideful. They shunned elite society’s customs and imposed duties. Their focus was on God, His plan for their lives, and how their fortune could benefit others.
Through the years from their youth to adulthood they face so many changes, some very difficult but they never took their eyes off the Lord. It tickled me how the older sister, Rebecca always came up with the crazy adventure ideas and never failed to persuade Flora to come along even if she didn’t want to! I loved living through their bold exploits. I think the one I liked the best is when they skipped school to go work in a factory to see what it was like for the poor employees there. As I read, knowing these women really existed and did these things, it made the story that much more entertaining.
They had a delightful and quirky sense of humor which I loved. Their favorite saying of mine was, “God knows the hour of our end, so there’s no need to worry” and was frequently followed by, “But I hope it’s not right now”.
If found the book not only enjoyable but inspiring. Another incredible Lynn Austin read!
I received this book from Bethany Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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